Guided Meditations To Help You Achieve Clarity and Balance

The practice of mindfulness and meditation has been around for thousands of years but has gained interested in the business world primarily because we now have the ability to do the one thing that was never possible before—see how these practices change the wiring and the makeup of our brains.

Jeena Cho, Contributor of

Meditation for Healing Broken Hearts


A Guided Meditation for Healing Broken Hearts, removing negative attachments & removing energetic attachments/etheric cords. Guiding you into visualization & mental exercises to help diminish the emotional charge that you feel when you are broken hearted or can’t move forward in your life while you feel held back by the loss of a relationship that has ended

10-Minute Meditation for a Productive Day


Meditation brings many benefits: It refreshes us, helps us settle into what’s happening now, makes us wiser and gentler, helps us cope in a world that overloads us with information and communication, and more. But if you’re still looking for a business case to justify spending time meditating, try this one: Meditation makes you more productive.

How? By increasing your capacity to resist distracting urges.

Meditate For Better Sleep


Lack of deep sleep can leave you feeling lousy and sap your productivity during the day, which can even harm our health overall in the long-term. The following guided meditations by David Procyshyn is effective in helping you to achieve calmness and relaxation to induce a deep sleep.

Mindfulness Meditation For Cancer Patients

While going through cancer treatment, you should spend at least 30 minutes each day to listen to this series of mindfulness meditation to help ease symptoms of chemo and radiation, improve sleep and strengthen your immune system.


Cultivating Happiness From Within 

Most of us outsource our happiness and unhappiness from the people and circumstances. We attribute our happiness to what’s going on externally and blame others for our unhappiness. Happiness and unhappiness are states of the mind, and has nothing to do with the external sources. It’s more so how you decide to respond to the people or circumstances, which then determines if you are happy or unhappy. If rely on the people and circumstances to brings you happiness (or blame for your unhappiness), then your happiness and wellbeing will be very unstable.

If you want to feel content, happy, and have a good day everyday, you need to cultivate happiness from within and stop blaming others for your happiness.

Mindfulness Meditations For Stress Relieve and Inner Peace

We meditate for many reasons: to be present, to enter the state of calm and relaxation, to relieve mental and physical tension, to treat depression, to be happier, and so many great reasons. The following guided meditations will help to ease what ails you. We recommend listening to them daily before bed or first thing when you wake up.

Click on the image to view the list of guided meditations that will help to treat what ails you.

Mindfulness meditation helps you to cope with life’s inevitable hurdles and offers a path to well-being and happiness. This practice requires you to be fully present and attentively present in the moment, but the mind is easily distracted with thoughts, ideas, feelings, and sensations. Therefore, you should practice mindfulness meditation daily to eventually develop the skill of being present and using your breath as an object of awareness.

Meditations for Deep and Peaceful Sleep

Meditation is an effective and natural way for anyone to achieve deep and rejuvenating sleep, especially for those with a sleep disorder. A 2015 Study by Harvard Medical School concluded that mindfulness meditation helps fight insomnia and improves sleep. it induces a relaxation response, which helps to ease many stress-related ailments, including depression, pain, and high blood pressure. For many people, sleep disorder are closely tied to stress.

A series of guided meditation to help you sleep easier and enter a deeper state of sleep.

Stop, Breathe, & Think

This is a series of short guided meditation, without background music, to help you to quickly cope with overwhelming feelings and emotions of the present moment. Listen to this when you feel the need to relieve anxiety, anger, stress, and negative feelings.

Stop, Breathe & Think is an organization with the believe that taking a few minutes each day to feel the calm is as important as regular exercise.