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Meditation for Healing Broken Hearts

If you have experienced a trauma in your life – having loss of a loved one, or been in an abusive relationship, or been broken up by someone, etc – this guided meditation will help guide you through the process of healing.

It’s difficult to not focus on the negative thoughts and feelings, but you don’t need to try to escape from them. This 40-minute guided meditation helps you to gain a better outlook as you find acceptance, inner peace and happiness. To fully benefit from the process, find a quiet place and a comfortable position to meditate and be sure to listen with headphones on.

For Broken Hearted people. A Guided Meditation for Healing Broken Hearts, removing negative attachments & removing energetic attachments/etheric cords. Guiding you into visualization & mental exercises to help diminish the emotional charge that you feel when you are broken hearted or can’t move forward in your life while you feel held back by the loss of a relationship that has ended

Lina Grace

We recommend that you give yourself at least 30 minutes everyday for this meditation to actively engage in the process of healing and finding inner peace.









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