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Yoga To Boost Productivity

“I was expecting relaxation. There was plenty of that. But what really surprised me was how all other aspects of my life came to improve. My attention was improving, my focus was improving, my ability to organise was improving.”

Sarah Vaynerman, Founder of Work From Om 

One of the challenges that hinder our productivity and ability succeed and achieve our goals is the lack of energy and focus. With everything that is happening and evolving around us – such as technology, social media, politics, opinions, et cetera – we are constantly distracted and the states of our mood and motivation are dependent on these external factors. Thus, we find ourselves unfocused and unmotivated, leading to unproductive time and unhappiness.

Whether you are self-employed, a small-business owner or a corporate employee, you will find that practicing yoga (and meditation) will help you to feel energetic and boost your mood and attitude towards the work and challenges ahead. By practicing yoga for at least 10 minutes a day before work or during a break, your energy level will increase, you feel less fatigue and stressed, and your concentration and focus will be improved.

With that said, we recommend this 10-minute guided yoga course by Yoga With Adriene to boost your focus and productivity when you are feeling sluggish or zoned out. 10 minutes is all you need to give to get more work done with a great attitude!

Corporate yoga is booming. Even the chief executive of Public Health England has advocated it. Meditation and mindfulness sessions are offered to employees at companies including Ford, Google, Goldman Sachs and Aetna, the last of which according to David Gelles, a business reporter for the New York Times, estimates a saving of $2,000 (£1,475) a head in healthcare costs and a gain of $3,000 a head in productivity as a result. There is no point shutting your eyes to seek oblivion in sleep because sleep is undergoing a reawakening, led by Ariana Huffington, who sees it as “a great performance enhancer” and is harvesting your insomnia anxiety to build an empire.

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