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Cultivating Happiness From Within

A Buddhist nun once asked a series of easy questions: (1) Are you having a good day?, (2) Why are you having a good day [or bad day]?, and (3) Do you want to have a good day [or bad day] tomorrow, and the day after, and so on..?

For question #3, I hope you answered “Yes, I want to have a good day tomorrow!”. But the outcome really depends on your answer for question #2 – whether you will feel happy and have a good day tomorrow depends on your why.

Most of us outsource our happiness and unhappiness from the people and circumstances. We attribute our happiness to what’s going on externally and blame others for our unhappiness. Happiness and unhappiness are states of the mind, and have nothing to do with the external sources. If you rely on the people and circumstances to brings you happiness (or blame for your unhappiness), then your happiness and well-being will be very unstable.

The takeaway is this: if you want to feel content, happy, and have a good day everyday, you need to cultivate happiness from within and stop blaming others for your unhappiness.

Sounds easy and I’m sure you all already know this – it’s not rocket science, but how do we actually do it and achieve happiness from within regardless of what is going on around us?

The answer is to meditate.

Please do not listen to this while driving. I recommend putting on a set of headphones to fully engage with this guided meditation. 


Post by Andree Hoang





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