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4 Ways To Become a Great Yoga Teacher

Inspired by a Celest Pereira’s vlog, I want to share 4 characteristics of a great yoga teacher, which is defined by the acronym QVCA. Use the following 4 characteristics to enhance your teachings!


One of the main reasons why students attend your class is for the quality and contents of it. Students show up because they like your music, your body language, your attentiveness, your speed, your attitude, and so on.

It is important to acknowledge that your class is about your students and you show up to serve them in ways which better their lives. By adopting this viewpoint, you can start to plan ahead of time and think about how you can make each class different – fun, exciting, spiritual, etc. – and not just the same ol’.


What makes you a great yoga teacher is how you deliver your values through your teachings. What are you doing that is different from others and why your students would appreciate you for it? From personal experience, during class some yoga teachers like to touch their students in ways that help them to stretch deeper and to help them adjust their position. Another way to deliver value is how you challenge your students. Many students, especially beginners, have yet gotten to try more intermediate or advanced poses such as the crow, pigeon, or tripod headstand. During class, how do you lead your students in a flow up to the final point where they can give a higher level pose a try?

As a yoga teacher, you should incorporate great values in your teaching that would help to mentally, physically, and spiritually prepare your students to challenge themselves and to get the most of your class.


The word speaks for itself. Are you the type of teacher who changes theme in every class? Or the one who has some elements that students are used to seeing at and come back for it?

I recommend the latter. This defines what your classes are known for and why students would recommend you to others. You can always throw in some surprises around the consistency that you’ve built in your classes, but it is important to be known as a great yoga teacher for something that you consistently do for your students.


One of the most difficult characters to maintain is authenticity. A lot of yoga teachers characterize themselves to fit in with the stereotype of a yoga teacher – soft, gentle, and with soothing voice. However, the most successful yoga teachers out there are the ones who are themselves. They deliver values that they genuinely honor and respect. They can be calm, upbeat, loud, encouraging, etc. If students are able to relate to you, feel comfortable with you, and learn with you, they will follow you, love your style, and recommend you because of your authenticity.

My final pitch here is to always be in the mindset of giving. The more you give to your students, the more happy and fulfilled you will be. Besides for teaching in-person classes, you should also think about how you can make your classes more accessible for your students – like using online platforms, giving out free contents, or using audio. Be creative and always be grateful.

Thank you for reading this article, and I hope to bring you some great values today!

Brought to you by Lotus & Poses.

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